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Group Structure


DaRo Group is structured to deliver the best of both small and large companies;

Benefits of small companies including;


  • personal experience to customers
  • innovative companies focussed on driving growth within their respective market places
  • able to be responsive and make quick decisions
  • tailored incentive schemes to motivate management and teams

Benefits of Group;


  • support in administrative functions such as finance, HR, IT
  • significant capital to fund investment and expansion
  • ability to draw upon different areas of skill and experience
  • quality assurance provided at Group level

Group / Subsidiaries Respective Responsibilities

DaRo Group provides central services for the operating subsidiaries, including;


  • Strategy
  • Capital and resource allocation
  • Finance, HR, Legal & IT
  • Health & Safety, professional accreditations
  • Property management

The various operating subsidiaries are responsible for;


  • Customer relationships
  • R&D, product development
  • Sales and marketing
  • Staff incentivisation